The Majapahit Empire was one of the Hindu/Buddhism kingdoms that flourished in South East Asia. As Hinduism and Buddhism was the main religion, the Majapahits practiced many of the Hindu and Buddhist practices. In Hinduism, the Majapahits published the Hindu literary workexternal image indonesia3.JPGs such as the “Bhagavat Gita”, “Ramayana”, “Mahabharata”, and the “Vedas”, which were all r eligious Hindu books. The type of Buddhism that they followed was the Theravada Buddhism, which at the time of their reign was also believed in the Indochina region. The origin of these two religions comes from the origin of the Majapahits itself. King Katarajasa, the first founder of the Majapahits, was previously a prince from Singasari Kingdom, which they too, believed in Hinduism and Buddhism. Throughout their entire empire, they built numerous temples, monasteries, and shrines. During the time, which the Majapahits reached its most powerful stages, Islam arrived into its people and this began a “revolution of religion” throughout the kingdom. By the 15th century, the entire Indonesian archipelago except the eastern islands, were converted to Islam.


Left: A carving on a Hindu temple viualizing the epic of "Ramayana", one of the Hindu literary works.<‌aw/‌Places/‌Place/‌325097>


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